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Cancelled 86'd Zine 31 January 2013


I feel like Bilbo when he said "I feel thin. Sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread." The perpetually coming soon Eighty-Sixed Fanzine issue #1 is the bread.

This fucker was ill-fated from the git-go.

I started hemming and hawing about doing another zine sometime in 2009. When I started up 86'd in 2010 I put "and Fanzine" in the logo as a sort of trick. I figured a public proclamation of it's existence would force my hand into actually making it a reality. I worked on it a bunch over the past coupla years, but never actually finished it. I tried forcing my hand again earlier this year by advertising it as done in my Razorcake ad for Solid MFG. The plan was to finish it up in the month or two before the issue came out.

Razorcake is a few days away from showing up in everyone's mailbox and I'm no closer to finishing than I was when I made the ad - or the months before that.

So, in the midst of a full-blown panic attack about it this morning it hit me - Fuck this.

There will be no printed issue of Eighty-Sixed Fanzine. I'm going to post what I have up here in the interest of not letting down the people who contributed stuff or answered interviews.

The zine is dead. Long live the zine.


Stuff from cancelled issue of Eighty-sixed Fanzine:

Theme: Songwriting

An interview with Gerge from Pretty Bullshit.

An interview with Bricks from C.R. and Phallacy

An interview with Micah from Unwelcome Guests

An interview with Keith from Avow Zine

A track by track explanation from Sick Sick Birds about "Gates of Home" LP

A column by Jeff from Thanks and Lost Cat Records